Woman Shot With BB Gun After Taking Trump Sign From Wrong Yard


    (Breitbart) – A Lincoln County, North Carolina, woman was shot with a BB gun Thursday after removing a Trump sign from the wrong yard.

    ABC 11 reports that Peggy Fox was visiting her brother in Lincolnton when she saw the Trump sign on what she thought was her brother’s property.

    Fox indicated that her brother has never been political, so she assumed the sign was a prank, and she removed it.

    As she was walking away with the sign, 76-year-old Worth McAllister shot her in the arm with a BB gun. The sign was his, as was the property.

    WSOC TV reports that McAllister “shot Fox with a BB gun that he had bought to use on stray cats in his yard” after she allegedly ignored him yelling for her not to take the sign.

    Fox argued that you cannot shoot people simply for being on your property. She said, “He actually believed he could shoot me if I was on his property and, to me, that’s terrifying.”

    McAllister, who faces unreported charges in the incident, indicates that he is considering bringing a lawsuit against Fox “for the attempted theft of his campaign sign.”