Wisconsin recount observers given poop emoji bracelets


(thepostmillennial)Wisconsin recount observers were given wristbands with the poop emoji on them Tuesday, according to a Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reporter.

Sentinel reporter Mary Spicuzza posted a picture on Twitter of the daily recount wristband along with video of portions of the recount process.

Wristbands are given to the volunteer recount observers each day, usually featuring the letters “VIP,” according to Spicuzza.

Talk show host Vicki McKenna tweeted that a volunteer said she and others were forced to wear the poop emoji bracelets in order to participate in the recount.

The Wisconsin Elections Commission nor Milwaukee County officials overseeing the recount were involved in providing the poop emoji bracelets, the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel reports.

Milwaukee County Clerk George Christenson reportedly dismissed the subject as unimportant when questioned about the bracelets.

“I always thought it was chocolate ice cream, personally,” Christenson commented.

“Wisconsin Center is our vendor. They handle the logistics. They are probably just pulling what they have in stock, because this is the first opportunity they’ve had to be open in quite some time due to this pandemic. So again, it’s a non-issue. Everybody got one,” he continued.

“I think this shows that some people are just desperate for any controversy that they hope will distract from the fact that the recount is going smoothly and will confirm the results reported on election night,” Christenson added.