Why Women Are Buying Guns


    (NOQReport) – Share the truth AP Photo/Charlie Riedel Gun sales are through the ever-loving roof. They’ve been that way for over a year and as things stand, they’re not looking at going down anytime soon.

    Among the gun buyers are increasing numbers of minorities and women. This is a good thing for the Second Amendment, of course, but it’s baffling to a lot of folks.

    Now, the Atlanta Journal-Constitution is trying to figure out why women are buying guns . Before the summer of 2020, going to the gun range was a pastime for Valee Penn, something she did for fun with her husband. But after the wave of civil unrest prompted by violence and police brutality against Black Americans brought protests to her neighborhood, Penn decided it was time to get serious. She bought a Glock 19 and a Smith & Wesson revolver. “I think Atlanta is getting more dangerous. I have lived in Atlanta all my life and I have seen it change dramatically since last summer. That is what prompted me to buy my gun last June,” said Penn, 65 of Buckhead. “I thought rather than be afraid, I am going to have knowledge.” Each week, Penn goes to Stoddard’s Range and Guns […]

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