Weirdos drop to their knees to beg Trump supporters to wear masks


(thepostmillennial)Trump supporters at the Trump rally in Valdosta, Georgia, Saturday, were accosted by people who were dropping to their knees, begging them to put on masks.

Video from “The Good Liars” Twitter account shows Trump supporters waiting in link at the rally being being asked why they are not wearing masks. The Trump supporters replied they “don’t need one.”

“You should wear one because there’s a global pandemic going on,” the mask beggar said.

“You could infect somebody else and they could get sick,” he continued. Someone else in line can be heard saying “why don’t you leave him alone.”

Then the man drops to his knees and begins begging the Trump supporter to wear a mask.

“Will you please wear a mask. Please.”

The Good Liars Twitter feed features several other “pranks” they tried to pull on Trump supporters that night at the rally including putting up signs outside the venue reading “rally for the loser of the 2020 election” with an arrow pointing to the entrance.

Their feed is filled with several other jokes or pranks on Republicans and Trump supporters.