WATCH: Tucker Carlson SLAMS CIA’s New Woke Recruiting Ad


(The Post Millennial) – Tucker Carlson ripped the CIA’s new woke recruiting advertisement on Fox News Tuesday night.

“If you’ve been on the internet this week you’ve probably seen the video we’re about to show you. If you haven’t seen it, there’s really nothing we can do to prepare you for the experience of seeing it, except to tell you two things about it. First, it’s entirely genuine this is not a hoax, it’s not a deep fake, it’s not the work of some demented comedic genius who set up a parody account on Twitter.”

Carlson added that this video was directly from the Central Intelligence Agency and not “The Culinary Institute of America, the people who teach baking and sushi preparation,” but that, “It’s the Central Intelligence Agency, the guys that do waterboarding and subvert foreign elections.”

Tucker continued that “The CIA is the most heavily armed, and supposedly the most sophisticated intelligence gathering operation on the planet, and yet somehow they produce this and put it on social media.”

The video begins with a woman saying, “I am a cisgender millenial whos beeen diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder.” She continued with “I am intersectional, but my existence is not a box checking exercise.” She insisted that, “I did not not sneak into the CIA , my employment was not and is not a fluke or a slip through the crack.”

At the age of 36, she continued, “I refuse to internalize patriarchal ideas of what a man can or should be… my effort, my brilliance, I am proud of me. Full stop.”

Tucker commented on the video, “Wait you’re intersectional? Me too! What year? Just kidding she didn’t say that,” addressing her claim of her monologue not being a box checking exercise. Carlso said, “She said I’m a woman of color, a mom, I’m a cisgender millenial who’s been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder, and then told us hilariously, this spunky new CIA lady, she told us that she is intersectional.”

Carlson added, “But, and pause for laughter here, and we’re quoting, ‘My existence is not a box checking exercise.'”

“Well of course it isn’t,” he continued, “C’mon, just a cisgender Latina millenial mom of color with a certified emotional disability. Not a hint of box checking there!”

“In fact,” he added, “that sounds like pure meritocracy, if by meritocracy you mean a system in which narcissism is the highest achievement.”

Carlson made the case that, “You can imagine what job interviews must be like, tell us about yourself please don’t ever stop. So you can change a baby diaper with one hand and console a crying child with the other, plus you’re emotionally unstable? Perfect! You’re just the person we’ve been looking for to foil the next 9/11 plot!”

Quoting Brian Dean, Tucker said, “America is less safe now with the new CIA, and dangerously more political.” Tucker added that “Maybe the point of the video is to come off as a Babylon Bee version of identity politics gone wild, maybe there’s something more going on,” he concluded.