WATCH: Rand Paul says election ‘in many ways was stolen’


(thepostmillennial)Republican Senator Rand Paul alleged at a congressional hearing on Wednesday that “the election, in many ways, was stolen.”

“I think state legislatures will need to reaffirm that election laws can only be changed by a state legislature,” the Kentucky senator argued at the hearing.

“So I think there is a lot of work to be done, while we will not dictate to the states, I think we should have hearings going into the next year hearing from state legislatures and what they’re going to do to make sure that election law is upheld.”

In the United States, elections for President are not run by the federal government. Instead, each of the fifty states hosts their own election for President.

The states will then distribute their electoral votes in accordance with their election laws, which is a winner-takes-all system in all states except for Maine and Nebraska, both of which use a winner-takes-all system for two of their electoral votes while distributing the remaining three based on the results of congressional districts.

As such, the federal government and federal courts have no authority to dictate election procedures to individual states, a fact which many critics pointed out when the Trump campaign challenges the results of several swing states before the Supreme Court last week.

Paul further stated that election rules should not be “changed by people who are not legislators, and we do have an interest in that.”

“I don’t want it to be federalized, many on the other side of the aisle would just soon federalize it and mail everybody a ballot and we’ll have this universal corruption throughout the land,” Paul continued.

Aside from the potential for fraud, widespread mail-in voting has been heavily criticized by conservatives and libertarians for federalizing voting procedures which are supposed to be handled by the states.

“What I think we need to do is keep it at the state level,” Paul affirmed, “but we can’t just say it didn’t happen. We can’t just say ‘oh 4,000 people voted in Nevada who were non-citizens and we’re just going to ignore it.'”

According to the Nevada GOP, 3,987 non-citizens allegedly voted in the 2020 Presidential election in the state. The Nevada GOP blamed this on the automatic registration of all people who possess a Nevada state driver’s license, which allegedly automatically registered 6,260 non-citizens to vote. Joe Biden carried Nevada by more than 33,000 votes.

Paul also rejected the argument that the Supreme Court has affirmed the Biden win, asserting that the courts do not like dealing with elections and that they more accurately remained silent on the matter.

All of the cases in state courts brought forward by the Trump campaign have been rejected or dismissed.

“The fraud happened, the election, in many ways, was stolen, and the only way it will be fixed is by in the future reinforcing the laws,” Paul finished.