WATCH: Kayleigh McEnany and RNC’s Ronna McDaniel reveal hundreds of affidavits alleging voter fraud



(thepostmillennial)White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany and Republican National Committee chairwoman Ronna McDaniel appeared on Sean Hannity’s Fox News show Tuesday night to reveal 11,000 incident reports and 500 sworn affidavits alleging election irregularities in multiple states.

“We keep hearing the drumbeat of ‘Where is the evidence?’ Right here, Sean,” McEnany declared, holding up a pile of 234 voter fraud claims from Wayne County, Mich. “These are real people, real allegations, signed with notaries who are alleging the following among other contentions.”

In this one Michigan county alone, the White House official cited a batch of ballots in which 60 percent bore the same signature, 35 ballots had no voter record but were counted anyways, and 50 ballots were run multiple times through a tabulation machine.

McEnany recounted one woman who said her son was deceased but still somehow voted. “These are one of many, many allegations in one county—and a county no less where poll watchers were in many cases threatened with racial harassment. They were pushed out of the way.”

“These are real and anyone who cares about transparency and the integrity of the system should want this to pursue to the discovery phase,” McEnany urged.

Hannity pivoted to McDaniel. “I would imagine if this was the Democrats and the margins were this thin,” he conjured, questioning the number of individuals willing to risk the charge of perjury to sign an affidavit. “That’s a stretch for me.”

“Then you add to that the voting laws about partisan observers can be there for the entire vote count,” he continued. “We know in many states that didn’t happen. I’m trying to wrap my head around how do you remedy this to the point where anybody is going to believe any results that this has any integrity or the people can have confidence in.”

Then Hannity compared the chaos to the race calls in the swing states of Florida and Ohio. McDaniel pointed to the Politico poll that reported that 70 percent of Republicans say they don’t believe the election was free and fair.

“And this is why: it’s been rigged from the beginning,” McDaniel snapped. “It’s been rigged in the sense that they kicked Republicans out of poll watching and observing. Why do you do that if you have nothing to hide?”

She lambasted the mainstream media “that’s rigging it again” by refusing to cover these stories and validate the 11,000 incident reports, the 500 affidavits across several states, and people testifying under oath on how they were disenfranchised.

“It is stealing. When you validate a vote that shouldn’t be in, you are stealing from a voter that voted legally,” the RNC chair emphasized. “And the media right now by refusing to report on this is stealing our faith in the election process. Tell the story. Talk about the people who are being disenfranchised. People across this country deserve to have election integrity.”

McDaniel vowed to pursue the legal battle to the very end. “We can never let this happen again.” Hannity asked McDaniel to elucidate on the incident filings that are vetted by her team before handing the statements over to the attorneys.

“The canvasses aren’t even right now. So during the canvass process in Detroit alone, we are coming across absentee ballots that were cast that have no address, that don’t correlate with the precinct,” McDaniel described the ongoing investigation. “We don’t even have all the information. The data team’s haven’t been able to go in and analyze the software that’s why these subpoenas are so important.”

As news outlets pressure the GOP for evidence, McDaniel asks the public to be patient with the arduous undertaking. “They’re not giving us the time to show it.”

“Then you have states like Pennsylvania where they just threw away signature verification altogether,” McEnany piled on. “These are key methods we use to make sure that people voting are actually the people deserving of the enfranchisement of that ballot.”