WATCH: Joe Biden struggles through ‘dark winter’ speech dismissing Trump’s election fraud claims


(thepostmillennial)Speaking to the United States on Monday night after attaining the 270 electoral votes needed to become president, Biden urged Americans to not give election fraud or voter irregularities one further thought.

Biden said that the questions that were raised about election issues were “resolved through the legal processes.” He gave a civics lesson to America as to the nature of democracy, and criticized Trump’s efforts to secure a free and fair election.

Clearing his throat multiple times, Biden said

“There’s a need for bold action to fight this pandemic,” newly minted President-elect told the nation. Through coughs and gurgles, Biden said “We’re still facing a very dark winter.

“There’s nearly 10 million COVID cases in the United States. Last week we topped a hundred and twenty thousand new cases on multiple consecutive days. Infection rates are going up. Hospitalizations are going up.”