WATCH: Governor Ron DeSantis FIRES BACK with Tucker Carlson


(The Post Millennial) – Florida Republican Governor Ron DeSantis slammed 60 Minutes on Tucker Carlson Monday night over their Sunday night hit-piece regarding Florida’s coronavirus vaccine rollout, calling the segment a “political narrative” that was done with “malicious intent and a reckless disregard for the truth.”

On Sunday night, 60 Minutes invented a scandal in an attempt to push a false narrative regarding DeSantis and his selection of the popular grocery chain, Publix, for the state’s coronavirus vaccine distribution, while highlighting past donations from Publix to DeSantis’s PAC—donations that are already public knowledge.

60 Minutes aired a selectively edited clip of a CBS reporter confronting Governor DeSantis about the donations from Publix to his PAC, trying to insinuate there was a shady deal at play between the Governor’s choice of Publix for COVID-19 vaccine distribution, although Publix is not the only option made available for Floridian’s to receive the vaccine.

“We’ve vaccinated now three and a half million senior citizens. We were the first state to say, we’re doing seniors first. We’re not going to follow the CDC recommendation. And what we have done has worked,” said DeSantis on Tucker Carlson Monday night. “And they (60 Minutes) didn’t want to discuss that.”

“Obviously they selectively edited the background. They tried to act like there was a conspiracy with Publix. Ignoring the fact that other pharmacies were involved before Publix, doing all our long-term care facilities, and ignoring the fact that I met with the County mayor, who…as a Democrat…said what 60 Minutes has done is bunk,” DeSantis continued.

“Palm beach calculated 90 percent of their seniors live within a mile and a half of a Publix,” said DeSantis. “So when we put it in there, their numbers started going through the roof. So it succeeded there.”
The Governor of Florida continued to discredit the 60 Minutes false narrative that chose to solely focus on coronavirus vaccine distributions through Publix but failed to mention the many other accessible options for Floridians to receive the vaccine, as well as the state’s successes with handling the coronavirus pandemic.

“But what they didn’t tell you also, Tucker, is when there was a need in a more rural part of the County, like near Lake Okeechobee, we set up a separate site in a small town called Pahokee. They didn’t tell you that,” said DeSantis. “They didn’t tell you that we were doing African-American church vaccination drives before Publix ever gave a single shot. They didn’t tell you that.”

“They didn’t tell you that hospitals were doing shots starting in the third week of December, because it didn’t fit the narrative,” DeSantis continued. “They don’t believe in facts. It was a political narrative. It was done with malicious intent and a reckless disregard for the truth,” added DeSantis. “They would not talk to the people who were most relevant to this because they know those key Democrats, Jared Moscowitz, and mayor, Dave Kerner, would blow up their narrative. So they just put their head in the sand and pretended like those facts didn’t exist.”