WATCH: Governor Cuomo has a MELTDOWN when asked by reporter about NY school closures


(thepostmillennial)New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo screamed at a reporter during a press conference in response to the sudden closure of schools in New York City.

The question, which occurs right before the video, was simply “are New York schools open tomorrow?”

The governor then goes on the offensive, saying “Don’t you remember, an orange zone and a red zone in Brooklyn and in Queens, and we closed the schools? Don’t you remember that?”

“What are you talking about? ‘You’re now gonna override’?” Cuomo then starts yelling, “We did it already! That’s the law, an orange zone and a red zone!”

The reporter then said that he was confused, and that parents in the city are confused, to which Cuomo replied “Then you’re confused!” And went on to say “I don’t really care what you think”.

Cuomo continued, saying that schools were “open by state law” but then went on to list many exceptions, such as the aforementioned orange and red zones, as well as what he dubbed “micro-clusters.” The micro-cluster “overrides the local rules.”

People on social media of various political stripes were very critical of Cuomo, saying the following:

“The fact that Cuomo was yelling at a journalist for asking SANE and SIMPLE questions at the very same time that de Blasio is announcing that schools are closed tells you everything you need to know.”

“Cuomo is busy yelling at reporters and trying to sell his book rather than taking action to help tenants, home owners, workers, teachers, small businesses—people—impacted by this crisis”

“Damn this guy did the impossible. He made me feel sorry for a journalist.”

“This is the behavior of a man that knows no matter what he says, there will be no repercussion. The same media members that he belittles will run cover for him and continue to cover up his incompetence.”