WATCH: Donald Trump SLAMS ‘Anonymous’ writer Miles Taylor: ‘He should be prosecuted’


    (thepostmillennial)On the campaign trail Thursday, Donald Trump let loose on formerly “Anonymous” author Miles Taylor. Taylor duped the mainstream media by posing as a high-level Trump administration official who penned an anti-Trump screed.

    Taylor has since gone on to become a CNN contributor and will apparently not be fired by the network despite lying on air about his involvement in the “whistleblowing” scheme.

    “No one knows who the hell he is,” Trump said, “he had nothing to do with us. I don’t think I ever met him—I might have met him, someone said he has a picture of me standing someplace.

    “This is a disgrace to our country. It shouldn’t of happened, and he should be prosecuted. Are you listening to me back in Washington? He should be prosecuted,” Trump said to a cheering crowd.

    “Along with The New York Times, because it was a story made up, it was fake news by The New York Times. And you know who he works for now? CNN.”