WATCH: Conservative PAC launches satirical ad ‘Weekend at Biden’s’


(thepostmillennial)A new satirical ad parodies the movie “Weekend at Bernie’s” at the expense of Joe Biden. Biden is notoriously regarding as being “low energy” due to his age, but politically valuable at the same time.

Nick Ward created the ad with the “No to Joe PAC” and appears in the clip. He told Fox News that he wanted it to be funny without being offensive.

In the ad, two aides try and hold up the former Vice-President, having his unconscious body appear at events. The ad concludes with the two aides loading Biden into the back of an SUV.

“How long do we have to keep this up?” one asks.

“Nov. 3,” the other responds.

The PAC became worried as the video was recently suppressed on Twitter. A search on the platform on Thursday night found that it had been flagged as sensitive content.

A Twitter spokesperson has said it was an error that has now been corrected.