WATCH: AOC talks on interview about loss of House majority, which never happened


(thepostmillennial)Far-left Democratic Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, stated in a video interview that the House lost its Democratic majority. However, that’s not what actually happened.

AOC was responding to a question on live video about “why did we lose so many seats, and what do we need to do get them back?” by someone calling in. She responded:

“You know, of course, the loss of the House majority is just…. extraordinarily upsetting to all of us; it’s upsetting to all of us who are interested in having a Democratic majority, uh, so that we can expand healthcare, so that we can raise wages, so that we can protect working people, and it’s also personally very difficult, um, because…. to lose these people, you know, many of them are my colleagues, and I’m proud to call many of them my friends. And, uh, the idea that they may not be returning next term is very, well….. th- they aren’t returning next term, is extremely difficult on both just a personal and a policy and at a political level”

The fact is that the House did have a net loss of several seats to the Republicans, but have retained their majority by 219-202, down from 223-196 in 2016. The Republicans won six seats, and the Democrats lost five. The remaining seat was lost by an Independent candidate. This also means that the Democrats have undoubtedly retained their majority.

Nonetheless, Republicans are fired up by their gains, especially in Texas. Newly elected Representative Nicole Malliotakis has also said that they plan to push harder against the Democrats this term in Congress.