Video: Joe Biden Holds His First Press Conference


(TreeHouse) – JoeBama will hold his first press conference today as part of the White House defensive effort to present the oval office occupant in charge of the administration. According to earlier media reporting the questions needed to be presented in advance. The highly anticipated start time is 1:15pm ET and many are wondering if Biden will have all his faculties for the effort. [ Livestream Links Below ]

UPDATE: Video Added

The result was as everyone expected. On foreign policy questions, Joe Biden had to read from the policy manuscript on everything. The journalists lobbed softball questions which were known and approved in advance. Biden had his “angry Joe” moments throughout the appearance.

The result…. no-one really knows who is in charge of this White House and administration; but it surely is not Joe Biden.

PBS Livestream Link – Fox News Livestream – Alternate Livestream – Alternate Livestream