Video: Biden Blanks Out At White House, Handler Tells Press To Leave


(InfoWars) – Joe Biden appeared fragile and confused during remarks at the White House on Wednesday over immigration, prompting his Chief of Staff to kick out the press.

After announcing from the State Dining Room that his VP Kamala Harris would be put in charge of handling the border crisis, Biden then asked his Chief of Staff Ron Klain what to do next.

“Now we’ll get to business here, and uh…and, Ron, who am I turning this over to?” Biden asked.

“Well, uh, thank you very much, Mr. President, but I think it’s time for our friends in the press to leave now,” Klain responded.

Who’s really in charge here?

This comes amid growing public concern over his overall health and fitness after he fell three times going up the Air Force One gantry last week, and several world leaders like Russian President Vladimir Putin trolling him over his cognitive decline.

Notably, Biden still hasn’t given a proper press conference since he was installed over two months ago, but the White House has said he will finally give one Thursday.

Watch Biden’s full remarks:

Joe Biden looks as pathetic as ever while he and Kamala Harris run America like a couple of chickens with their heads cut off.