Upstate New York sheriff to defy Cuomo’s lockdown orders—will NOT break up Thanksgiving gatherings


    (thepostmillennial)Erie County Sheriff Timothy Howard has announced his intention to defy New York Governor Andrew Cuomo’s gathering restrictions during Thanksgiving, WIVB4, a local news station, reports.

    “I have no plans to utilize my office’s resources or deputies to break up the great tradition of Thanksgiving dinner,” proclaimed Sheriff Howard.

    Under the new restrictions, no more than ten people are allowed to gather in a residence unless more than ten people reside there. The restrictions are part of a series of mandates by the Governor also affecting gyms and restaurants.

    Governor Cuomo has come under intense criticism for the restrictions, with some alleging that they have been used to target groups who have caught the ire of the Governor, such as Orthodox Jews.

    “This national holiday has created longstanding family traditions that are at the heart of America, and these traditions should not be stopped or interrupted by Governor Cuomo’s mandates,” the Sheriff said in a statement. “My office will respect the sanctity of your home and traditions, and I encourage you to follow your heart and act responsibly, as well as do what best for your family.”

    “On behalf of everyone at the Erie County Sheriff’s Office, I want to wish you and your family a Happy Thanksgiving.”