Tucker Carlson: ‘We Are Moving Toward Some Kind of Larger Confrontation with Russia – Why Are We Doing That?’


    (InfoWars) – Fox News host Tucker Carlson broke down the recent revelation that the New York Times story claiming the Russian government offered bounties on U.S. troops in Afghanistan was false.

    On his Friday monologue of “Tucker Carlson Tonight”, Carlson explained how that fake news, coupled with incendiary rhetoric from the Biden administration, could be a sign of a coming contrived war with Russia.

    “So rarely has a news story with a swifter or more profound effect than this one did. And by now, of course, you have guessed the punch line: it was fake,” Carlson said.

    “The New York Times story was a lie. It was placed in the paper by neocons in order to subvert our democratic system, and it did, and once again impose their will on the country.”

    “The so-called Intel Community is now admitting this. They are admitting that the story was not true and they are doing it for a very specific reason, Joe Biden has decided he now wants out of Afghanistan, but before we can withdraw the troops, we need new facts.”

    “You have to fix the story or you can’t pull the troops out and the CIA is happy to oblige. So none of it was real. They can say that now.”

    Carlson then played tape of Biden gloating about expelling Russian diplomats for “interfering” in the U.S. election.

    “Save that tape for the future when you want a reminder of just how insane things got in the year 2021,” Carlson said. “That wasn’t posturing. That wasn’t their bad. Those are actions against a sovereign nation, a foreign power, expelling their diplomats, destroying their economy and threatening to back their enemies in a war? A real war, too, not a war of words, a war where people get killed.”

    “We are doing all of those things. But the question is why are we doing them? That is the part that nobody ever explains. But they don’t really need to because Vladimir Putin is so unbelievably historically monstrously evil, you don’t need a justification to go a war against him.”

    “This is a head of state who has like over a thousand nuclear weapons aimed at us. Why is our President talking about Russia this way?” Carlson asked rhetorically.

    “Well, it is obvious. Clearly, we are moving toward some kind of larger confrontation with Russia. Why are we doing that? And what would it look like?”

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