Trump’s run for president inspired by Biden’s failures



(thepostmillennial)On the topic of race and criminal system reform, Donald Trump had one key response to Biden’s proposals for the next four years.

“You keep talking about all these things you are going to do. But you were there just a short time ago, but you did nothing,” Trump said. “I ran because of you. I’m running because of you. Because you did a poor job.”

Trump repeatedly went after Biden’s record of 47 years in congress and his eight years in the White House as Vice President of the United States, arguing that the former Vice President had already had a chance to put his ideas into action, but had failed to do so.

Biden’s primary appeal was to character.

“You know who I am. You know who he is,” Biden said, pointing at Trump. “You know his character. And you know my character.”

Trump reminded viewers that what Biden was making out to be an obvious fact, was still in the balance. He briefly noted how if allegations about Biden’s influence peddling in China and with Ukraine on behalf of his son Hunter were true, character would not be a leg for Biden to stand on.

Joe, they’re calling you a corrupt politician,” Trump said. “Don’t give me this stuff about how you’re an innocent baby.”