Trump Reviews Mexican Restaurant After Leftists Attack Owner For Support



    “The food is GREAT!”

    (Infowars) – The President has come to the aid of a Mexican restaurant in Arizona after leftists attempted to ‘cancel’ the eatery because the owner advertised his presence at a recent Trump Rally.

    Legal immigrants Jorge and Betty Rivas explained how they’ve been called “evil racists” and had torrents of abuse hurled their way by crazed leftists:

    “Very ugly stuff. They are saying nasty stuff about the restaurant,” Mr Rivas said, noting that the couple’s support for Trump’s immigration policies is the driving factor.

    “There have been calls as well threatening us and giving us a hard time because we support the president,” Mr Rivas further told Fox & Friends.

    Won’t be Intimidated! TRUMP 2020

    What happened to us in 2016 is happening now. We have the right to support the president and no one can intimidate us. Watch us standing right behind him at his Phoenix RALLY here,

    Posted by Sammy’s Mexican Grill on Wednesday, February 26, 2020

    The couple have also experienced vandalism to their business in the past because of their vocal support for the President.

    “Just because we are Latinos, it doesn’t mean that we have to feel like every other Latino in this country,” Jorge said in the video, adding “We are individuals and we feel that we have the constitutional right to meet and support whoever we want.”

    As “naturalized United States citizens we have the right to support President Trump or to support any other candidate that loves this country,” Mr Rivas urged.

    Trump got wind of the story Sunday, and fired out a 5 star review: