Trump motorcade driver detained by Secret Service after gun discovered


The Secret Service said Monday it detained someone scheduled to drive a press van in President Trump’s motorcade in Florida after agents discovered a personal firearm during a security check. 

“All Secret Service security measures worked,” the agency said in a statement, stressing that nobody under their protection was ever in any danger. 

The incident occurred Monday in Palm Beach, where Trump is spending President’s Day at his resort.

According to the agency, the individual was a “staff contracted driver” who was found to be “in lawful possession of a prohibited item.” It occurred outside the secure area at a Secret Service security screening checkpoint.

The Secret Service said they investigated and resolved the incident with the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office. The agency said the driver was only detained briefly. 

“At no time was any Secret Service protectee in danger or impacted,” it said.


The president is staying at his Mar-a-Lago resort. He departed for the nearby Trump International Golf Club in West Palm Beach Monday morning.

According to a White House pool report, the Secret Service’s screening that led to the discovery of the gun took place across the street from the Mar-a-Lago resort an hour before the press vans actually joined the presidential motorcade.

The driver told law enforcement they forgot to leave the firearm inside their personal vehicle.

All drivers were replaced after the firearm was discovered and a White House staffer drove the press van instead, according to the pool report.

The White House did not immediately issue a statement on the incident, which comes amid a renewed debate over gun laws after last week’s school shooting in nearby Parkland, Fla.

Fox News’ Kelly Chernenkoff contributed to this report.

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