Trump addresses nation, urges peaceful transition of power


(thepostmillennial)President Trump released a video on Wednesday in response to the impeachment vote in the House, and the Capitol Hill riot from Jan. 6. In his speech, he said that the movement to which he came to the fore, Make America Great Again, has no place for violence.

Trump said that the “incursion of the US Capitol struck at the very heart of our Republic.” He said that he “unequivocally condemns the violence” that the US saw on Jan. 6, and that law enforcement officers must be upheld and respected.

“Making America Great Again has always been about defending the rule of law,” Trump said.

“Mob violence goes against everything I believe in, and everything our movement stands for. No true supporter of mine could ever endorse political violence,” nor could they disrespect law enforcement, the flag, or threaten or harass other Americans.

“We cannot tolerate it,” he said.

“Tragically over the course of the past year,” he said, “we have seen political violence spiral out of control.” And he called for that violence to stop no matter what side of the political aisle a person is on, “no excuses, no exceptions, America is a nation of laws.”

He said that those who were involved in the attacks would be brought to justice, and asked for all Americans to “promote peace.”

Trump said that there are additional plans for protests and demonstrations across the country, and that while this is a First Amendment right, “there must be no violence, no law breaking, and no vandalism of any kind.”

He has directed federal agencies to use “all necessary resources to maintain order.” DC will see a massive influx of National Guard members to ensure a peaceful transition of power.

Trump spoke about censorship on social media platforms, saying that the efforts to censor, cancel, and blacklist our fellow citizens are wrong and they are dangerous. What are needed now is for us to listen to one another, not to silence one another.”

He said that all of us can choose to “rise above our rancor.”

Trump called for all Americans to “overcome the passion of the moment” and come together.