‘They Pulled Out Guns And Put Them To My F*cking Head’ – CHAZ Militants Threaten Uber Driver Waiting For Pickup Outside Autonomous Zone (Video)


    ‘Just get the f*ck out of here’

    (Infowars) – Video posted to Twitter Monday shows an Uber driver describing an encounter he had with Antifa border security outside Seattle’s “autonomous zone” while trying to pick up a passenger.

    First named CHAZ and now being called CHOP, Seattle’s no-cop zone is being referred to as a “block party” and compared to the “summer of love” by Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan.

    However, an anonymous Uber driver claims to have had guns pointed at his head when he was waiting for a customer just outside the CHOP border.

    Reporter and Blaze TV producer Elijah Schaffer uploaded the footage to his Twitter account, writing, “BREAKING: ‘they [CHAZ border guards] both pulled out guns & put them to my f*cking head,’ says an Uber driver in Seattle waiting for a pickup outside the Autonomous Zone. Guards: ‘just get the f*ck out of here.’”

    The driver explained that he pulled up to the pickup point and saw two teenagers smoking a joint and guarding the checkpoint entrance to the “autonomous zone.”

    When the pair of guards approached the driver’s vehicle to ask why he was waiting in the area, he explained he was waiting to give someone a ride and provided the name.

    After being told he couldn’t wait there, the driver replied, “this is America, I can go where I want,” and things immediately went downhill.

    “They both pulled out guns and stuck them right at my f*ckin head,” the driver detailed. “It’s not the first time I’ve had a gun stuck in my face, but the first time in over 40-years.”

    Continuing, the Uber employee said, “I’m all about protests, not about rioting and all this stuff.”

    As they stuck the guns in his face, the driver told the guards the guy waiting for a ride “is gonna be f*cking pissed off if you shoot their Uber driver.”

    The armed teens began calling the driver “an old white guy” and once again yelled, “Get the f*ck out of here!”

    “So, I got the f*ck out of there,” the driver concluded.

    As mainstream media continues to push the narrative that the lawless zone is mostly peaceful, Infowars and other alternative media outlets are showing what’s really going on inside.