Texans Fined $4,000 For Violating COVID-19 Curfew



    Police taking advantage of Wuhan coronavirus by preying on Americans

    (Infowars) – J from Laredo, Texas joins Owen Shroyer on Infowars’ War Room to describe his experience with tyrannical police that issued $4,000 tickets to him and his friends for washing their cars after curfew.

    “There was a dad with his two teenage sons, one of them a senior in high school, and they gave them each a $4,000 fine. That’s $12,000 to one family,” J explained.

    He continued to say the group were all following the city’s social distancing policies and they were all wearing masks.

    However, the city’s curfew declares citizens cannot be out after 10:00 pm and the police decided to enforce the tyrannical law in this situation instead of issuing a warning.

    Check out screenshots provided to Infowars showing the citations the group received simply read, “Special Order COVID-19” under the “offense” category.