Stunning Videos Show Aussies Finally Waking up, Fighting Back. When Will Americans Do the Same?


    (NOQReport) – Stunning Videos Show Aussies Finally Waking up, Fighting Back. When Will Americans Do the Same?

    Even asking the question is dangerous in America today.

    It’s official. If I wasn’t on the list of potential “domestic terrorists” our government is tracking because of conservative beliefs, patriotic sentiment, defense of the Constitution, and a Christian worldview, then this article will do it. I’m seeing what’s happening in Australia right now and I’m wondering if Americans will start behaving the same way, and for that I’m going to be labeled an insurrectionist or something.

    But there are two realities we need to face. First, only a infinitesimal portion of right-leaning Americans want violence. It should be a last resort, and while many believe we are close, very few think we’re already there. Second, I’m sure I’ve already been on the list for a while. If you read this website or others like it that speak the truth about Pandemic Panic Theater, widespread voter fraud in the 2020 elections, or the rights of patriots being dismissed by our own government, you’re probably already on the list as well.

    In Australia, they don’t have lists like this. They’ve gone so far as to essentially declare all citizens to be enemies of the state as they enact the most draconian lockdown rules any western nation has seen in decades. As bad as things are in America, we’re actually still quite free compared to those suffering Covid tyranny down under.

    They’re starting to fight back. Watch:

    The source of their angst is the accelerating and expanding tyranny being imposed on them by their government. An article by JD Heyes explains a few components of the ongoing struggles the Australian people are facing from the people they elected:

    Australia Going Full Soviet Over COVID-19: Govt. Officials Now Encouraging Citizens to Rat out Neighbors Who Are Having Friendly Conversations

    As we’ve been reporting, Western leaders are proving that deep down, they are really tyrants just like the authoritarian regimes they claim to oppose, as we are increasingly seeing in the age of COVID-19.

    In the U.S., one Democratic leader after another locked down their communities and their states and then kept them locked down for as long as possible, destroying jobs, their economies, and countless lives in the process. Those same leaders pushed citizens to get vaccinated on the premise that if they did, they could have their lives back. But now, they’ve pulled the rug out on vaccinated people, demanding that even though they’re vaccinated they show proof to participate in society and still be forced to wear a mask anyway.

    The same things are happening in Canada , Europe and elsewhere across the Western zone of influence, including Australia, where the tyrannical government has not only called up the country’s military to enforce COVID restrictions but is behaving more like the old Soviet Union. LifeSite News reports that the situation is getting worse by the day Down Under :

    Australian officials, having legislated the Stay-at-Home order for New South Wales (NSW), have instructed their citizens to report all infringements of COVID regulations including those committed by neighbors and co-workers.

    “Do not let your guard down,” Premier Gladys Berejiklian leader of the Liberal Party commanded during a press conference late last month. “If you see somebody not doing the right thing, please, report it.”

    She went further and pressed Australian citizens to report “anything which is not according to the health rules,” anywhere, anytime, and includes their friends, co-workers, and neighbors. That is chilling coming from a leader in a Western democracy.

    “Dr. Kerry Chant, the Chief Medical Officer for NSW, is also working to keeping people safe by discouraging social interactions and neighborly exchanges,” LifeSite News added.

    In a press conference earlier in July, Chant said “whilst it is in human nature to engage in conversation with others, to be friendly, unfortunately this is not the time to do that.”

    “Now is the time for minimizing your interactions with others,” Chant continued, even telling people not to stop to chat with one another if they see friends in a grocery store.

    “Even if you have a mask, do not think it affords total protection. We want to be absolutely sure that as we go about our daily lives we are not coming into contact with anyone else that would pose a risk,” Chant continued.

    And just last week, the national government launched “Operation Stay at Home,” which is self-explanatory and which involves “a 21,000 personnel operation – including 18,000 police officers and 800 members of the Australian Defence Force (ADF) – to enforce public health orders,” ABC News in Australia reported .

    “Enough is enough,”Berejiklian’s Minister for Police and Emergency Services David Elliott said in a statement. “If you [break the COVID restrictions], you will get fined” – $5,000.

    He went on to say that officials have “had to tighten the current public health orders because of the minority who exploited them.”

    Yes, those minority of Australians who still foolishly believed they lived in a free country. The Australia Lawyer Alliance, one of the nation’s legal groups, said in an understatement that using the military to enforce COVID restrictions is a bit of a “dangerous precedent.”

    “The role of defense force personnel must be clearly defined,” stated the ALA. The group said the Australian government has to define what the military “will be doing to help manage the response to the virus.”

    But is all of this even necessary? Of course not.

    “Cases of the Wuhan virus have risen in the past month in NSW. On August 15, 2021, out of a population of around 8 million, 0.31% of the population tested positive, and the death rate in relation to COVID is currently at 0.001% with a total of 111 individuals out of 8,000,000 having passed away,” LifeSite News noted.

    So it’s really just about power, not about “COVID science,” which is the case throughout the increasingly tyrannical West .

    Sources include:

    Is This a Prelude for American Resistance?

    For the sake of those who would label what I’m about to say a “call for violence,” let’s be clear. I do not advocate any illegal activities, especially those that include violence, destruction of property, or harm being delivered by my fellow patriots. Civil disobedience, lawful protests, righteous lawsuits, and loud expression of our discontent are all necessary tools to prevent the worst-case scenario.

    I’m not calling for these things because I want civil war. I’m calling for these things to prevent an unavoidable civil war if our various government bodies continue down Australia’s path of Covid tyranny. And as Americans are wont to do, it’s hard to imagine that if our government catches up with Australia’s level of oppression, that we’ll stop there. We generally go big, and that means our government will continue to press towards totalitarianism if we allow them to go much further than they already have.

    It isn’t just Australia. France, Israel, Canada, and other “free” nations are experiencing various degrees and iterations of Covid tyranny. It may be bad out here in California, but I’m well aware that things can get much worse if we do not stand up and stop it all now. That means we protest. It means we file lawsuits. It means we get off of our butts and take action. Tweeting dismay does not count. We need true activism and that cannot be done from an iPhone.

    The greatest fear of our government is the people. They may feel secure that a majority are compliant and docile, but therein lies the current push to quash all dissenting voices. This is why there are lists being made. It’s why they’re arresting people for standing on the Capitol steps . They are identifying the people who will not be sheep because these are the people who are the greatest threat to their nefarious agenda.

    I am not anti-government. A proper adherence to the constitutional republic that we are supposed to embody is the best form of government man has ever created. That has been realized in part throughout our history and it can be realized again if we’re able to put an end to the devious, globalist agenda that’s afoot in halls of government across the nation. But it won’t happen as long as true patriots sit back and hope for the best.

    The time is coming. It may already be here. If we wait around for the persecution to take hold fully, it will be too late. We must prevent it from manifesting in its fullest form now.