Stephen King: Trump Is Dumbest Of World Leaders; ‘Can’t Spell, Can’t Read’



(Breitbart) – Author Stephen King had an unprovoked social media hissy fit against President Donald Trump, falsely claiming that the commander in chief is illiterate and that he ranks as the dumbest of world leaders.

King took to Twitter late Friday to say that President Trump “can’t spell” and “can’t read” despite ample evidence to the contrary. The author also wrote that it’s “hard to believe there was ever a world leader as dumb as Donald Trump.”

King recently said that he will vote for any candidate that the Democrats nominate for president, adding that President Trump is a “horror show.”

King regularly tweets to his more than 5 million followers about his loathing of President Trump, calling the commander in chief a “horse’s ass” and a “vile, racist, and incompetent bag of guts.” As a result, he has become a hero among the progressive left.

But the Misery author recently ran afoul of the woke police when he tweeted in January that artists should focus on quality more than diversity. His tweet triggered a public lashing from prominent media figures who called his comments “backward and ignorant.”

As a result, King backtracked and apologized in a lengthy op-ed piece for The Washington Post.