Singapore baby reportedly born with COVID-19 antibodies


(thepostmillennial)A Singapore mom who had beaten COVID-19 reportedly gave birth to a baby boy with COVID-19 antibodies earlier this month.

Celine Ng-Chan, 31, was infected with COVID-19 while pregnant. Her child, named Aldrin, was not only born free of the virus but also possessing antibodies against COVID-19, his pediatrician says.

These antibodies could suggest that Aldrin is immune to the virus, according to two studies conducted by the Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center, The Straits Times reports.

“It’s very interesting. His pediatrician said my Covid-19 antibodies are gone but Aldrin has Covid-19 antibodies,” Ng-Chan explained.

“My doctor suspects I have transferred my Covid-19 antibodies to him during my pregnancy,” she continued.

Ng-Chan, her mother and her daughter all reportedly contracted the coronavirus after returning from a trip to Europe in March. Ng-Chan was 10 weeks pregnant  at the time of her diagnosis.

“I wasn’t worried that Aldrin would get Covid-19 as I read that the transmission risk (from mother to the fetus) is very low,” Ng-Chan said.

Ng-Chan’s 58-year-old mother, Madam Choy Wai Chee, almost became a fatality of the virus.

A spokesperson from the National University Hospital (NUH) says that all babies born to a mother who has recovered from COVID-19 are assessed by a special team of doctors. The spokesperson added that in Singapore, all of the mother-newborn pairs that fall into this category have tested negative thus far for the virus.

Ng-Chan says she is very grateful for her healthy newborn.

“My pregnancy and birth was smooth sailing despite being diagnosed with Covid-19 in my first trimester, which is the most unstable stage of the pregnancy. I’m very blessed to have Aldrin and he came out very healthy,” she said.

“I feel relieved my Covid-19 journey is finally over now.”