Shame: White Child Kneels, Holds “Privileged” White Guilt Protest Sign


‘Child abuse?’ Disturbing photo shows young child being taught to feel guilty about her skin color

(Infowars) – A photo of a white child holding a protest sign accusing her of being “privileged” sparked outrage.

In the photo being circulated on social media, the confused child is seen kneeling as she holds a sign with an arrow pointed at her and rainbow-colored text that reads, “Privileged,” above the hashtag #BlackLivesMatter.

The photo prompted outrage from many online, who questioned why the girl’s parents would instill a sense of shame or guilt over her skin color at such a young age.

“Imagine teaching your own daughter to feel guilty because of her skin colour and then publicly humiliate her on social media,” wrote one person on Twitter.

“Just straight up child abuse,” another person wrote.

The photo comes on the heels of CNN‘s interview with an “anti-racist activist” who expressed white children “don’t deserve innocence” due to their “privilege.”

“I think the important thing for white parents to keep in the front of our mind is that if black children in this country are not allowed innocence and childhood without fear of being killed by police or marginalized in some other way, then our children don’t deserve innocence,” said author Tim Wise.

“If Tamir Rice can be shot dead in a public park playing with a toy gun, something white children do all over this country every day without the same fear of being shot, if Tamir Rice can be killed, then white children need to be told at least at the same age, if they can’t be innocent, we don’t get to be innocent.”