RED ALERT: Dems Press SWEEPING Gun Laws… This is BAD


(Breitbart) – Democrats in the Ohio House are pushing a red flag law and universal background checks, among other gun controls.

The Associated Press quoted House Minority Leader Emilia Strong Sykes (D-Akron) saying, “Ohioans have spoken loudly and clearly that we need to do something to end gun violence.”

A string of high-profile shootings, including the March 22, 2021, Boulder attack, the April 15, 2021, Indianapolis FedEx attack, and the April 20, 2021, Long Island grocery attack, captured the attention of Americans around the country. But Colorado, Indiana, and New York, all have red flag laws, none of which prevented the attacks from occurring.

Moreover, Colorado and New York both have universal background checks, and those checks did not prevent the attacks either.

ABC News 5 reports that Ohio House Democrats also want to repeal the state’s stand your ground law. That law allows an innocent to use lethal force in defense of life in the event a person is under attack and at risk of death.