Protest against shutdowns at WA official’s house: ‘We’re a thousand times more essential than you will ever be’


    (thepostmillennial)Small business owners gathered at director of Washington’s Department of Labor and Industries Joel Sacks’ house Saturday to protest against mandatory coronavirus shutdowns in the state.

    “Joel, what do you want the rest of us to do?” a protester can be heard asking on a microphone outside Sacks’ house.

    “While you get to collect your paycheck in the comfort of your home, shutting down businesses, what do you expect us to do?” the protester continued.

    The coronavirus pandemic has reeked havoc on Washington’s local economy, as it has around much of the nation. Small businesses continued to suffer or shut down due to government mandates making operation of business nearly impossible for many small business owners.

    “Because at the end of the day Joel, if you do your job good enough you won’t have a job anymore, because there will be no more businesses to shut down. Joel I want you to think about that,” the protester shouted over the microphone.

    “I am essential, everyone here is essential, everyone in America is essential. We’re a thousand times more essential than you will ever be Joel. Because you don’t produce anything!”