Pelosi: If We Close The Door To Immigrants We Won’t Be The Country That Leads The World


(Breitbart) – Thursday on MSNBC’s “Andrea Mitchell Reports,” Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) argued Americans place as leader of the world was dependent on immigration.

Pelosi said, “We always have to be optimistic and positive because what they did was so monumental and enables us to have are our debates and differences of opinion. But we do have to remember the values that freedom isn’t free. So, and part of that freedom is who we are as Americans. And who we are as Americans no one said it better than Ronald Reagan; Ronald Reagan had the biggest voice for welcoming people to our country and that we cannot close the door or else we won’t be the country that leads the world.”

Flashback: Here We Go… Speaker Pelosi Slams Trump’s Proposed Merit-Based Immigration Plan As “Condescending” (Video)

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) is already attacking President Trump’s proposed merit-based immigration plan as racist.

President Trump on Thursday will lay out a new immigration plan that would push the United States toward the kind of merit-based system many other nations use to control who comes into their countries.

Under the new proposal, the number of immigrants admitted into the country based on job skills would rise from 12% to 57%. In order to make room for more merit-based immigrants, the percentage of people allowed entry because they have family here would drop from 66% to 33%. In addition, the number allowed in via claims of asylum would also be cut, from 22% to 10%.

Nancy Pelosi doesn’t like this plan and says it’s “condescending.”

Pelosi and the Democrats want illiterate, low skill, dependent immigrants (legal and illegal) flooding into the US because it’s a huge voting bloc and will permanently entrench the Democrat party.

“It is really a condescending word,” Pelosi said in response to a reporter from ABC News asking about the new proposed immigration plan.

Pelosi stuttered and slurred her words as she rattled off Democrat talking points about the US being a nation of immigrants — failing to mention that the US had very strict immigration policies based on merit until the 1965 Immigration Act signed by Democrat president Lyndon Johnson.

We simply cannot survive as a nation if we have illiterate, low skill immigrants and all of their dependents come to this country only to live off the largess of the American taxpayer.