New CHAZ? NYPD Surrenders City Hall To “Defund Police” Mob


    Alarming footage shows law enforcement retreating as city council nukes budget

    (Infowars) – Unsettling footage out of Manhattan Wednesday morning shows NYPD officers being cheered on as they turn over control of the City Hall building to protesters.

    The video shows NYPD cops marching away from the area as hundreds of protesters cheered, with some chanting “Whose streets? Our streets!” and “Na na na na, hey hey hey, goodbye.”

    The Black Lives Matter and Defund Police leftist protesters were waiting overnight for, and are no doubt now emboldened by, the city council’s late night passage of a $1 billion cut from the NYPD budget.

    On Wednesday morning, police confronted protesters and attempted to gain back control of the area at 1 Centre Street in Downtown Manhattan being dubbed “New CHAZ,” removing barricades but lacking the manpower to effectively quell the occupation.

    In other CHAZ news, Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan on Wednesday ordered occupants of CHAZ/CHOP to leave the protest zone within 48 hours as police attempt to retake the area recently overrun by shootings and violence.

    “Anyone who remains in the area, or returns to the area, is subject to arrest,” police said.