Mistaken Identity? First Man Shot While Rushing Kyle Rittenhouse May Have Mistaken Him For Someone Else


Did Rosenbaum mistake Rittenhouse for another green-shirted rifleman he was angry at?

(Infowars) – Joseph Rosenbaum, the first man who chased Kyle Rittenhouse before getting shot, may have mistaken Rittenhouse for another rifleman wearing a green shirt.

In video filmed before the shooting, Rosenbaum is in a confrontation involving another rifleman wearing a green shirt and shorts; Rittenhouse, on the other hand, was also wearing a green shirt but with jeans, and he’s not seen during this altercation (starting at the 23:24 mark):

It appears that Rosenbaum was saying “shoot me, n****a,” to the green shirt guy that’s not Rittenhouse.

Rittenhouse first appears in this video 15 minutes earlier, stating that he’s an EMT and offering to help an injured protester – and he doesn’t appear to be at the gas station later on when a very agitated Rosenbaum confronts the other ‘green shirt’ rifleman (going back to the 8:48 mark of the same video):

Rittenhouse, seen below, was wearing jeans:

There’s also been reports that Rittenhouse wasn’t actually part of the militia team guarding the gas station, which, if true, would explain why Rosenbaum was able to chase Rittenhouse.

Ostensibly, Rosenbaum wouldn’t have been able to isolate the other rifleman in a green shirt because he was guarded by his team members.

Moreover, during the shooting Rittenhouse was still wearing surgical gloves, which makes sense if he was providing EMT services to protesters.

Was Rittenhouse still helping injured protesters when Rosenbaum was in an altercation with the other green shirt rifleman? That would explain why Rittenhouse doesn’t appear at the gas station at that time.

In fact, after the gas station confrontation, at 29:20, you can faintly hear Rittenhouse’s voice again offering medical services near the same place he was at 20 minutes prior:

Both Rittenhouse and the other young man were both wearing plain green t-shirts with similar-looking rifles, so it’s plausible that Rosenbaum could have mistaken the two.

Update: A source who was at the gas station when Rosenbaum got into the “shoot me, n****a” confrontation with another ‘green shirt’ rifleman said Rittenhouse wasn’t there at the time.