Louisville BLM Protester Only Charged With Assault & Wanton Endangerment For Attempted Assassination Of Two Police Officers


National Police Association demands shooter be charged with attempted murder

(Infowars) – A Black Lives Matter protester was arrested after attempting to assassinate Louisville Police Officers on Wednesday night, two of whom were hit by gunfire.

Video shows a man identified by authorities as 26-year old Larynzo Johnson firing over 10 shots at police from behind a crowd of BLM rioters, hitting two police officers who were later treated at a local hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

But local authorities only charged Johnson with two counts of first-degree assault on a police officer, and fourteen counts of wanton endangerment for opening fire on a formation of Louisville police officers.

The National Police Association says the charges don’t go far enough, and has called for Johnson to be charged with attempted murder for opening fire at the officers.

“A police officer shot in the gut, and a police officer shot in the hip, in the middle of violent riots and looting would indicate to me that that should be – at a minimum – attempted murder,” retired police Sergeant Betsy Brantner Smith told the Daily Mail.

“I don’t know why that wouldn’t be at least, with the one officer shot in the gut, attempted murder,” she said.

A spokesman for the Jefferson County Office of the Commonwealth’s Attorney said the charges against Johnson had been filed by arresting officers, and could be upgraded if the investigation warrants it.

“I am sure that officers investigating the case filed what charges they felt appropriate at the time,” Assistant Commonwealth’s Attorney Jeffrey Cooke said.

“If the case makes its way to our office for presentation to a grand jury, the assigned prosecutor will review the facts and can add additional charges, including attempted murder, if the facts support it,” he added.

Featured image credit: @Rikvidr/Twitter