Kamala Harris: Trump Is Most ‘Unpatriotic President’ Ever, Has ‘Committed Crimes In Plain Sight’



(Breitbart) – Sen. Kamala Harris (D-CA) on Tuesday night called President Trump the “most corrupt and unpatriotic president” in United States history, claiming he has “committed crimes in plain sight.”

During CNN’s Democrat debate, Harris blasted Trump as a criminal when asked about the House Democrats’ effort to impeach him over a phone call he had with Ukraine’s president.

“[Trump] has committed crimes in plain sight,” Harris said. “I mean it’s shocking, but he told us who he was. Look, Maya Angelou told us years ago, listen to somebody when they tell you who they are the first time. During that election, Donald Trump told us he could shoot somebody on 5th Avenue and get away with it.”

“And he has consistently since he won been selling out the American people, he’s been selling out working people, he’s been selling out our values, he’s been selling out our national security,” Harris said. “And on this issue with Ukraine, he’s been selling out our democracy.”

“Our framers imagined this moment, a moment where we would have a corrupt president,” Harris continued. “And our framers then rightly designed our system of democracy to be checks and balances. This is one of those moments. And so Congress must act.”

Harris then said Trump is “the most corrupt and unpatriotic president we have ever had.”

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