Just In: Ted Cruz Sounds the Alarm – Exposes Them All


(The Post Millennial) – Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) spoke before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Thursday regarding the controversial appointment of David Chipman as the new director of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF).

The director of the ATF position has been in limbo over the past few decades as the Senate has been loath to confirm anybody to the post.

“I think Mr. Chipman is a nominee who is far out of the mainstream,” opined Cruz. “If his position is what he told this committee, that he thinks we should go much further than Sen. [Diane] Feinstein’s (D-CA) legislation, which commended only 40 votes in a Democratic-majority Senate, that does not reflect where the American people are.”

Cruz continued, “And this nomination is a chance for Senate Democrats to decide. I assume, the membership of this committee, that every Democrat in this committee is going to vote for Mr. Chipman.”

“This tends to be a committee on both sides of the aisle, that attracts some of the members who are more comfortable with taking … clear positions,” Cruz added.

“But there are at least some Democrats in the conference who, when they go home to their home states, they tell their constituents they support the Second Amendment. In some ways, I’m grateful to President Biden for making this nomination, because it’s a clarifying moment.”

“Every one of those Democrats who goes home and tells their constituents: ‘No, no, I believe in the Second Amendment, no, no, I don’t believe in confiscation, no, no, I won’t ban guns, no, no, we shouldn’t do that…'”

“Well, we got a nominee who supports confiscation, who wants to ban guns, wants a registry, and who was appointed to carry out Joe Biden’s promise ‘Bingo! We’re coming after your guns.'”

“So, now it’s a chance for each of the 50 Democrats to decide where you stand.”