Joe Rogan Talks Bohemian Grove & Secret Societies



Alex Jones first exposed occult practices by the elite at this secluded retreat in 2000

(Infowars) – Joe Rogan redpilled his guest Tony Hinchcliffe about the secrets of Bohemian Grove, the secluded redwood campground retreat in California annually attended by the world’s elite, which Alex Jones first infiltrated and exposed in 2000.

Also check out the bombshell documentary by Alex Jones, Dark Secrets: Inside Bohemian Grove:

Flashback: The Damning List Of 2018 Bohemian Grove Attendants…Whose Name Do You Recognize?

Bohemian Grove is a 2,700-acre campground in Northern California, which belongs to the exclusive Bohemian Club, a private men’s club based in San Francisco whose membership hosts some of the most powerful and influential men in the world.

US presidents, politicians, and powerful businessmen are some of the famed members of the club, and once a year, they participate in a bizarre, occult ritual at their Monte Rio campground, where only active members and their guests may attend, Fellowship of the Minds explains.

President Richard Nixon attended the gathering, once saying in his private presidential tapes:

“The Bohemian Grove that I attend from time to time . . . is the most faggy goddamn thing you could ever imagine . . . it’s just terrible.”

The Bohemian Grove gathering includes the bizarre ritual, called the “Cremation of Care,” which began in 1881.

As Alex Jones, who has done undercover reporting of the ritual, has noted, the statue before they perform a mock-sacrifice resembles the biblical false god, Moloch.

For many years, a recording of Bohemian Club member Walter Cronkite was used as the voice of The Owl (Moloch) during the ceremony.

The “camps” scattered throughout the grove number 118, as reported in 2007. The camps, which are frequently patrilineal, as FOTM notes, are the primary means through which connections between the elite businessmen and politicians are forged.

Mandalay Camp, it is said, is the camp “for international relations and consists of more than a few members officially or otherwise connected to foreign policy and the CIA. Mandalay is the only camp the average visitor cannot just walk into; an appointment or formal invitation is necessary.”

The names of attendees to Bohemian Grove are not made public.

However, in 2008, Wikileaks published the 2008 guest list for Bohemian Grove.

Now, thanks to Crazy Days and Nights (CDAN), there is an updated list for 2018.

CDAN’s blogger, Ent Lawyer, comes vouched for by FOTM. The Daily Beast, a very left-wing outlet, describes the blogger as, “. . . calling out many of Hollywood’s now-ostracized sexually misbehaving elite, sometimes years in advance of the mainstream media.

“if you had been reading @entylawyer, you’d have known about Matt Lauer. And Harvey [Weinstein]. And Kevin Spacey. Just saying,’ tweeted New York professional Sara Zucker. Or as investigative journalist Mark Ebner (one of only 20 people who knows the blogger’s real-life identity) observes, ‘Enty Lawyer is like the anti-Perez Hilton. In my opinion, that’s what makes him so impressive, is that no one knows who he is, and he’s being proven right again and again. That’s like legendary shit.’”

On July 21, 2019, CDAN published a list of the Bohemian Grove attendees for the year 2008 and 2018. They also obtained the names of the 2018 attendees from photos sent to them by an anonymous source.

Here is a screenshot of one page from their 60-page list:

Here are some of the names of attendees which Dr. Enoyn of FOTM can identify.

He says:

Below are the names of attendees I can identify. Note that some individuals are deceased, which means they were attendees of the 2008 Bohemian Grove. Names with a check mark (√) stayed at the exclusive Mandalay camp:

1. John F. Akers, president & CEO of IBM; died in 2014. √

2. Keith B. Alexander, U.S. Army general (ret.).

3. Lamar Alexander, U.S. senator (R-TN).

4. Michael H. Armacost, former president of Brookings Institute. √

5. Samuel H. Armacost, former president & CEO of BankAmerica √

6. Harris J. Ashton, former chairman, president & CEO of FNC Holdings, Inc. √

7. H. B. Atwater, Jr., former CEO of General Mills, Inc. √

8. James A. Baker III, White House chief-of-staff for Presidents Ronald Reagan and George H.W. Bush.

9. James A. Baker IV, chairman of global law firm Baker Botts’ Global Projects Department.

10. Robert D. Ballard, U.S. Navy officer (ret.); U. of Rhode Island professor of oceanography. √

11. Haley Barbour, former governor of Mississippi & former chairman of Republican National Committee.

12. Donald R. Beall, CEO of Rockwell Collins. √

13. Riley P. Bechtel, billionaire chairman of Bechtel Corp. √

14. S.D. Bechtel Jr., billionaire grandson of founder of Bechtel Corp.; father of Riley (#13) √

15. James Belushi, actor.

16. Clint Black, country music singer.

17. Mike (Michael) Bloomberg, billionaire former mayor of New York City. √

18. Robert Bloomingdale, actor/producer.

19. Arthur Brooks, former Ohio state representative (D).

20. Jimmy Buffet, singer/songwriter.

21. George H.W. Bush, 41st U.S. president, died Nov. 30, 2018.

22. Robert Cohn, founder of Octel Communications, company that commercialized voice mail. √

23. Walter Cronkite, Jr., CBS Evening News anchorman, d. 2009.

24. James T. Curry, Jr, former board member of Newmont Mining Corp. √

25. K(enneth) T. Derr, board member of Halliburton Co.; former chairman & CEO of Chevron Corp. √

26. Mark DeSaulnier, Congressman (D-CA).

27. Clint Eastwood, actor/director.

28. Karl W. Eikenberry, U.S. Army lt. gen. (ret.); former U.S. ambassador to Afghanistan.

29. William T. Esrey, former CEO of Sprint Corp. √

30. Peter M. Flanigan, investment banker & fundraiser for Nixon; d. 2013. √

31. William Friedkin, director.

32. Louis V. Gerstner Jr., former CEO of IBM and RJR Nabisco, former member of Bilderberg Group’s Steering Committee.

33. Peter Graves, actor, d. 2010.

34. Robert D. Haas, chairman emeritus of Levi Strauss & Co.

35. Mickey Hart, Grateful Dead rockband drummer.

36. Richard D. Hearney, U.S. Marine Corps general (ret.)

37. Peter Jackson, movie director?

38. Conrad Janis, actor.

39. Charles B. Johnson, billionaire former CEO of Franklin Resources mutual fund company. √

40. Edgar F. Kaiser Jr., financier founder of Kaiser (medical) Foundation. √

41. Henry A. Kissinger, U.S. secretary of state in Nixon & Ford administrations. √

42. Charles G. Koch, billionaire co-founder, chairman & CEO of Koch Industries.

43. David H. Koch, billionaire brother of Charles (#42); co-0wner & VP of Koch Industries.

44. Richard M. Kovacevich, former CEO of Well Fargo & Co. √

45. Art(thur) G. Linkletter, radio/TV personality, d. 2010.

46. Vernon R. Loucks Jr., former CEO of Segway, Inc. √

47. Malcolm McDowell, actor.

48. James Patrick McGillen, producer/writer? √

49. Michael Mondavi, son of Robert Mondavi, founder of Robert Mondavi Winery.

50. Robert Michael Mondavi Jr., founder of Folio Wine Co.

51. Edwin H. Morgens, chairman of investment firm Morgens, Waterfall, Vintiadis & Company, Inc. √

52. Richard M. Morrow, former chairman and & CEO of Amoco Corp., d. 2013. √