Joe Biden Mistakenly Endorses Jaime Harrison For President In South Carolina Victory Speech



(Breitbart) – Former Vice President Joe Biden stumbled in his victory speech after winning the South Carolina primary on Saturday.

“Folks, now we need to stand behind Jaime Harrison, the next president of the United… next senator,” Biden said as he wrapped up his campaign victory speech, referring to the Democrat Senate candidate challenging Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-SC). He corrected himself immediately and continued his speech.

Biden boasted during his speech that the press and the pundits had left his campaign for dead, but the vote in South Carolina had brought it back to life.

“We’ve just won and we won big because of you,” Biden said, grinning. “We are very much alive … this campaign is taking off!”

He thanked his whole family for campaigning across the state in the last-ditch effort to save his political future.

“All of us, all of the Bidens thank you for everything, everything you’ve done for us,” he said.

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