Is Seattle Paying Antifa Militants To Write ‘F**k Police’ On BLM Mural?


    Authored by Paul Joseph Watson via Summit News,

    The city of Seattle is literally paying Antifa militants to write “f**k police” and “all cops are bastards” (ACAB) on Black Lives Matter murals near the infamous CHOP zone, according to a far-left live streamer.

    Kitty Shackleford shared clips from the individual’s live stream which went out on Monday, which show the mural tagged with phrases like “abolish capitalism,” “ACAB,” “no good cops in a racist system,” & “abolish ICE”.

    Apparently the city of Seattle is paying artists, including this militant streamer to permanently restore the Black Lives Matter mural outside the CHOP zone. “ACAB,” “no good cops in a racist system,” & “abolish ICE” (among other things) are now officially endorsed by the city. /
    — Kitty Shackleford (@KittyLists) October 7, 2020
    “The funniest thing about this is… the city of Seattle is paying me to do this, so it’s beautiful, you know what I’m saying,” the live streamer says while laughing.

    He also makes clear that BLM is “coming for” Mayor Jenny Durkan next, despite her literally overseeing financial aid to the agitators.

    The mural is also tagged with the words “100% Antifa,” a reference to the manifesto of Antifa terrorist Michael Reinoehl who murdered Trump supporter Aaron Danielson in cold blood in Portland in late August.

    SDOT announced that it will maintaining the integrity of the mural, which deteriorates much faster than other surfaces, and that the total cost will remain unknown until the project is finished. Site says SDOT has confirmed artists (VividMatterCollective) will be compensated, and it will not know the cost until the project is finished. Why is there a blank check for criminals to be writing these messages on the streets? /
    — Kitty Shackleford (@KittyLists) October 7, 2020

    Streamer seems to be pictured below working on the mural. How much is the city paying criminals to write this on the streets? Do they endorse the “ACAB” messages written on the mural? Seattle blog about the project: /
    — Kitty Shackleford (@KittyLists) October 7, 2020

    Another example of the “artist” Seattle has now endorsed. How much is the city of Seattle paying these “artists,” to shit on our law enforcement, communities, and country /
    — Kitty Shackleford (@KittyLists) October 7, 2020
    “Imagine thinking you’re a revolutionary fighting the system when you’re getting paid by the system to take part in said “revolution,” writes Chris Menahan.

    One fears for the future of cities like Seattle given that the controlling authorities, not merely the rioters, are pro-Antifa.

    As we highlighted yesterday, the likely next Mayor of Portland is also a vehement Antifa supporter and recently wore a skirt which championed the legacy of Chairman Mao, the Communist dictator who was responsible for the deaths of around 50 million people.

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