INSTANT KARMA: Mainstream journalists all get tickets after shaming restaurant owner who defied lockdown


    (thepostmillennial)CBC producer/reporter Linda Ward and her colleagues all got parking tickets for illegally parking their vehicles before covering the events unfolding at Adamson’s BBQ in Etobicoke.

    “While covering the hundreds of people defying public health orders (who walked away without a fine), I get a parking ticket. All media did.”

    “(There was nowhere else to park btw, as they would not allow us on the property)”

    The rest of Twitter wasn’t slow to note the hypocrisy of Ward’s tweets. Some responded just with laughter or similar emojis; others waxed poetic:

    “Still, you don’t see it.

    It’s just a ticket.

    It’s just a mask.

    It’s just for a couple of weeks.”

    Another said simply, “Karma…”

    The sarcasm and irony were not scarce in the replies:

    “That’s a heartwarming story, and a beautiful holiday memory.”

    Finally, someone on Twitter poignantly wrote the following:

    “A lot of people lost their jobs because of lock downs. They will lose houses, families (divorces go up with financial calamity). You got a ticket. I’ll be shocked if your employer doesn’t cover it. Maybe consider what the lockdowns you all cape for does to working people.”