In NH, Pete Buttigieg Speaks Spanish To Illegals: ‘This Country Is Your Country Too’


(Breitbart) – Mayor Pete Buttigieg celebrated his second-place win in New Hampshire on Tuesday by promising illegal immigrants brought to the United States as children that they would be allowed to stay if he is elected president.

“We can say to a Dreamer, lying awake at night, questioning if this country is her own … this country is your country too,” he said, adding a few lines in Spanish.

The Spanish portion of his speech translates as, “We celebrate your belonging in this country and, yes, this country is your country too.”

Buttigieg spoke Spanish ahead of the Nevada primary next week where a high percentage of Hispanics are expected to go to the caucuses.

Buttigieg has promised to push forward on immigration reform if elected president, including amnesty for illegal immigrants and migrants detained on the Southern border.

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