IG Report: Obama Lied Over Knowledge Of Hillary Clinton’s Private Email


Obama one of 13 direct contacts in Clinton’s private email, report findings show

(Infowars) – Former President Obama used the private email address for former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, according to the newly released Inspector General’s report, revealing he lied over what he knew about her private server.

The findings officially suggest Obama misled the public over his ignorance of Clinton’s email, who in the spring of 2015 said he only learned of her private email after the media began reporting on it.

From CBS last March:

“CBS News senior White House correspondent Bill Plante asked Mr. Obama when he learned about her private email system after his Saturday appearance in Selma, Alabama.

“The same time everybody else learned it through news reports,” the president told Plante.

But the Inspector General’s report released Thursday reveal his comments were a lie.

“FBI analysts and Prosecutor 2 told us that former President Barack Obama was one of the 13 individuals with whom Clinton had direct contact using her clintonemail.com account,” the report says in a page 89 footnote.

“Obama, like other high-level government officials, used a pseudonym for his username on his official government email account.”

“A paragraph [in Comey’s statement] summarizing the factors that led the FBI to assess that it was possible that hostile actors accessed Clinton’s server was added, and at one point referenced Clinton’s use of her private email for an exchange with then President Obama while in the territory of a foreign adversary,” the report continues.

“This reference later was changed to ‘another senior government official,’ and ultimately was omitted.”