BREAKING: Cuomo REVERSAL – Trump Is Smiling


    (thepostmillennial)Andrew Cuomo has just gone on record as saying he wants to attend a Bills game after he banned the public from going to stadiums for the whole season.

    It was a great game, by the way—that was just unbelievable. I mean really incredible. You almost sense the energy and the optimism and the confidence, the way they played, and Josh Allen was just unbelievable,” Cuomo said on a conference call. “I want to attend a Bills game. I’ve attended them in the past.”

    The NY State Governor changed his tune after the Buffalo Bills made the playoffs, lead by star quarterback Josh Allen.

    The Bills haven’t made it this far since 1995, and are favored to take the title, according to The Blaze.

    The problem is that, unless the law changes or Governor Cuomo makes an exception for himself, seeing the game in person under his own rules would be illegal.

    To start, under the current lockdown regulations, traveling from Albany to Buffalo for non-essential purposes is prohibited.

    Add to that the fact that New York State football fans haven’t been allowed to see a single game in person all season, due to Cuomo’s lockdown rules.

    Jazz Shaw, a sports commentator, asked pointedly:

    “Is Andrew Cuomo going to consider lifting that restriction before the vaccines have been widely distributed just so he can go watch a game? Even worse, would he really have the temerity to ask if he can be allowed to go sit in one of the skyboxes by himself to watch?”