HYPOCRITE: NJ Governor who joined mass BLM protest shames conservatives for fundraiser


    (thepostmillennial)The New York Young Republicans hosted their gala Thursday night, and they held it in New Jersey. The adults who gathered of their own free will to enjoy community and cocktails were roundly shamed on social media, and by New Jersey Governor Phil Murphy.

    Murphy wrote: “Last night, the @NYYRC allegedly snuck into Jersey City to hold a “gala fundraiser”–ignoring our social distancing and mask rules. It is beyond the pale that anyone would willingly endanger people in another state. Jersey City law enforcement is investigating this matter.”

    Murphy claimed that law enforcement would be investigating.

    Murphy made exceptions for expressions of political speech, however, when he was involved in it, and participated in mass BLM protests earlier this summer. On June 8, Murphy “marched for justice.”

    He noted at the time that he marched because he and his fellow protestors would “not accept systemic racism and bias as just part of our national condition.”

    Undoubtedly, those who attended the gala felt that they did not want to accept the injustice of systemic lockdowns and unconstitutional restrictions as part of their natural condition.

    Murphy is one of many Democrat leaders across the US who have imposed restrictions on citizens that they are unwilling to follow themselves.