HYPOCRISY: Biden supporters flood streets for mass celebrations


    (thepostmillennial)The side of the political aisle that brought you the Florida beach grim reaper and Thanksgiving prohibition seems to have thrown COVID caution to the wind in honor of a projected Biden-Harris victory.

    Current election tampering allegations, which can be largely attributed to mail-in ballot concerns, would be considerably less prevalent if not for the narrative that voting would be too dangerous in person. Suddenly, the Democratic concern surrounding in-person contact seems to be almost non-existent.

    Perhaps most notable was the crowd that gathered outside of the White House, where hundreds of tightly-packed supporters gathered to celebrate.

    One video shows Biden supporters, masks dangling, sharing champagne bottles.

    The COVID hotspot of New York saw a sudden uncharacteristic disregard for social distancing.

    The cities of Chicago, Atlanta, Philadelphia, and Miami saw similar events. These gatherings were celebrated by outlets such as CNN, that had previously lambasted conservative demonstrations for not adhering to social distancing guidelines.

    MSNBC host Chris Hayes caught backlash for his promotion of a “Biden/Harris Philly Dance party” after previous strong condemnation of those who shirked what he perceived to be proper COVID beh

    The mask-lacking, sardine-packed celebrations even garnered criticism from COVID loyalists on the left.