Governor Cuomo shifts NFL restrictions following his interest in attending playoff game


(thepostmillennial)New York Democrat Governor Andrew Cuomo was the subject of controversy on Wednesday, following the announcement that football fans will be permitted to attend a Buffalo Bills Wild Card playoff game, the team’s first time hosting in a quarter of a century, after he expressed a desire to attend.

The controversy comes as it was Cuomo who banned large events, yet the restrictions were immediately lifted following the Governor’s own personal interest in attending the game.

Just last week Cuomo said, “…it was a great game, by the way—that was just unbelievable. I mean really incredible. You almost sense the energy and the optimism and the confidence, the way they played, and Josh Allen was just unbelievable, I want to attend a Bills game. I’ve attended them in the past.”

Attendance at the game does come with some stipulations. Every attendee must obtain a negative COVID-19 test, which has attracted even more negative attention. Many point out the fact that nursing homes are unable to attain rapid testing, so residents can see loved ones, yet sports fans alongside Governor Cuomo, are given priority.

“This is not just about attending a football game,” Cuomo said Wednesday. “We are trying to find a way to reopen businesses. We do have to have a model that shows we can start to reopen businesses… can you use testing to reopen a business safely? And can you do it on a large scale?”

According to the NFL, a total of 6,772 fans will be able to attend the Wild Card game, which will be played on January 9 or 10. In addition to ticket pricing, fans are required to pay for their COVID-19 testing along with the cost of parking. The cost of the test is $11.