GOP Pushes Gun Control in National Survey


(Infowars) – A national survey commissioned by the Republican Party asks what issues are most important to Americans, and includes two boxes that say “Gun Control” and zero boxes that say “Second Amendment.”

A survey from Pennsylvania’s 7th District shows a series of questions asking citizens what the most important issues are to them for President Trump to address, including “Secure our Nation’s borders” and “Address National Opioid Crisis.”

But the next section asks what issues are most important to you, which includes two “Gun Control” tally boxes and zero boxes for the Second Amendment.

Concerned citizen Jason Fyk noticed the oddity, marking in “Second Amendment” in the “Other” box before sending a copy to Infowars.

“As a key facet of our overall strategy to prevail in Making America Great Again, the Republican Party is conducting a Census of key members and supporters in Congressional Districts all across our nation,” the survey says.

“The opinions registered in this document will be used to build a nationwide grassroots network that will help us maintain our Republican Congressional Majorities and show that President Trump has the support of the American people to continue to move forward and act on the critical issues facing our country.”

As we’ve exhaustively reported, one of the critical issues facing our country is the left’s deep desire to enact gun control nationwide, apparently a sentiment the Pennsylvania GOP is on board with as well.