George Floyd’s Brother Uttered the Three Words that Boils the Blood of the Progressive Left


(’re not controversial. It’s common sense. It’s something that everyone can agree with, but it blunts the messaging the progressive Left wants to echo about police and the Black Lives Matter movement. It’s like when the Left gets upset when people say that ‘most cops are good.’ The Left wants to destroy policing, liking it to slave patrols. As former police officer Derek Chauvin was sentenced to 22.5 years in prison for his part in the killing of George Floyd last year that set off a summer of leftist violence, Floyd’s brother delivered some remarks that really don’t sit well with the lefty narrative machine. He said, “all lives matter.” He did add that now is not the time to get complacent. There’s still more to do, but those three words get the progressive Left infuriated like no other.

“I support Israel” might be another phrase they hate as well.

The irony is that police accountability would probably be immensely popular if it weren’t for the Left adding way too much ‘hate the white folk’ into the mix. There are scores of conservatives and libertarians who are both appalled and angered when police act badly, overreach, and trample on constitutional rights. The only difference is that our side waits for the facts. The Left has a narrative and automatically believes that’s what transpired a la white supremacy. That’s landed them in a lot of trouble. Remember Andrew Brown in North Carolina? He supposedly was assassinated by the police. Nope. Bodycam footage showed he tried to run police officers over.

In many ways, ‘defund the police’ and parts of the BLM movement have become latte-liberal action items as this sect is getting more pull for swelling the ranks of the Democratic Party. They fill the campaign coffers. If you see a crazy lefty hot take that is more ideological than anything, it’s probably a white college-educated liberal who manufactured it. This is an academic exercise for them.

Nonwhite voters, who are not ideological at all, are left wondering what the hell happened? They don’t want to abolish law enforcement. If anything, polling shows everyone wants more policing. What white liberals think is true and what actually is when it comes to voter narratives/trends is going to cost Democrats votes—and it already has. We’ll see if that continues. For now, we’ll have to wait and see if Floyd’s brother is canceled for uttering the three words that many in Democratic circles find problematic for some reason. Maybe because it’s…unifying.