EXCLUSIVE: Twitter censors hilarious ‘Weekend at Biden’s’ meme, creator speaks out


    (thepostmillennial)The creator of the “Weekend at Biden’s” campaign ad has spoken against censorship after Twitter labeled the video as sensitive content.

    Nick Ward, who worked with “Say No To Joe PAC” to produce and create the video, spoke to The Post Millennial, saying that the video reached a million views in 48 hours before being labelled as “sensitive content” on Twitter.

    After its success on Twitter and YouTube, Ward said that the video was curbed, and soon after he received messages from viewers who said that they were unable to retweet the video.

    The original YouTube channel which uploaded the video is also omitted from Google’s search results. Searching “Weekend at Biden’s” will bring users to a re-uploaded video not associated with the “No to Joe PAC” YouTube channel.

    Ward believes that Twitter is intentionally capping videos that make Biden and his camp look bad, while promoting content that hurts the Republican Party.

    “It got marked as sensitive content, meanwhile, there was content promoted by Twitter showing Rudy Giuliani tucking his shirt in after taking a microphone out,” said Ward. “I admire Sacha Baron Cohen, but I think he has become more of an operative used to take down figures on a certain side of the aisle.”

    People were saying that they couldn’t share it, YouTube wouldn’t put it in their results. It got marked as sensitive content, meanwhile, content promoted by Twitter where Rudy Giuliani was putting a mic down his pants [in the Borat prank.]

    Ward spoke of the difficulty of casting the video, as actors were afraid that even appearing in a video that could be perceived as anti-Biden of pro-Trump would scare off potential cast.

    “This was actually hard to get made. Actors, people like that, telling me, ‘I like it and think its funny, but I can’t risk my career. I can’t go out and speak against Biden or appear to support the other side, and I might never work again.’ People said it was too risky for them.”

    Ward urged those on all sides of the political spectrum to take a moment and laugh at things that are supposed to be comedic.

    “Humor is a healing thing, and shining light on things that we’re not allowed to talk about is pretty healthy. I hope content like this can help bring us back together. I know people on both sides have been laughing at this. and to see that it gets censored.”