Data analyst alleges voter fraud, claims evidence to be passed on to FBI


    (thepostmillennial)A data analyst who alleged massive voter fraud says that the FBI has requested the evidence he claims to possess, and that he will pass on the information by Tuesday.

    Matt Braynard is the executive director of Look Ahead America, an organization created “to register, educate, and re-enfranchise disaffected rural and blue-collar Patriotic Americans.”

    Braynard claimed he had evidence of widespread voter fraud in an interview with Joshua Philipp of the Epoch Times on Friday, alleging that thousands of people across multiple states falsely registered their P.O. boxes as apartments.

    “A large number of people, substantial, especially given how tight the margin is, well over a thousand who voted in this election, listed themselves at addresses that are in fact postal facilities,” Braynard claimed. “Not only did they list themselves there but they disguised a P.O. box as an apartment.”

    Braynard explained that it is not illegal to have a ballot sent to your P.O. box, but legally you must list your address as your place of residence even if that is not where your ballot gets sent. However, according to Braynard, voters were “listing suite number or unit number rather than technically what it is, which is a box number.”

    He noted that of the people who disguised their P.O. boxes as apartments, “almost all of them voted early absentee, very few voted in person.”

    “We found over a thousand of them in Georgia, in fact, over 1,400 so far in Pennsylvania as well with the very same tactic.”

    “It raises a very big red flag,” Braynard said.

    Braynard also told Philipp that in a number of states, people who requested mail-in ballots did not end up voting, leading Braynard and his team to reach out to these individuals. According to Braynard, a large number of these individuals claimed they never requested mail-in ballots, and some of them had moved well before the election.