Daily Dose of Downey: 5 COVID Facts the Left Won’t Tell You


    (PJMedia) – The China flu is here to stay, folks. Fauci gets paid way too much money to let COVID go. Biden is hellbent on making this country commie by Christmas. He can’t do that without an iron grip on the peasants. He’s already got the knee-bending milquetoasts on his side. The problem is you and your pesky constitutional amendments, especially that bothersome, white supremacy-based 2nd Amendment.

    If the commies want people to take the vax seriously, maybe they should take some personal inventory. Why would anyone take COVID advice from people like New Jersey’s Gov. Murphy, New York’s ass-grabby Gov. Cuomo, and Michigan Gov. Whitmer when they collectively murdered tens of thousands of elderly people? That’s like taking Kegel exercise tips from Rachel Levine .

    I am still an unvaccinated coxcomb. I can’t attend a Bruce Springsteen show. I can’t enter a New York City bar and rub elbows with the vaccinated kulaks. I am vax-trash. OR AM I?!?!?

    Here are some fun-filled COVID facts that most Americans don’t know. Please post them on the Facebook profile of your annoying liberal sister.

    All the science tells us the same thing: The Delta variant isn’t as nearly as bad as the panic-tards want you to believe. Many people don’t know that because “Dr.” Fauci and his leftist media toadies spend their days sermonizing that vaccinated martyrs will be slaughtered by selfish anti-vax ghoulies eating a Moons Over My Hammy in the next booth.